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Sweet red blood

See this?

Measure 1 dl

This is a deciliter (about 3.3 fluid ounces) of “blood”. Where I live, we measure blood glucose concentrations based on how much glucose is present in this amount of blood.

(Actually, it’s not blood, it’s red wine. Humor me.)

So, if I wanted to find out how much glucose was in the above sample of “blood”, I’d simply extract the glucose, put it on a scale, and weigh it.

(Your nation may vary, and if it does, I apologize in advance for not doing the conversion for you. But mmols involve counting molecules, not weighing them, and mmol folks base it on a full liter – or litre if you prefer – which is an order of magnitude larger)

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True2Go: It’s sooo cuuuttteeee!!!

True2GoIt’s the True2Go meter which I purchased this morning at Duane Reade pharmacy (the legacy name of the NYC-area pharmacy that is slowly morphing into Walgreens).

The meter is tiny and snaps right on the cap of the test strip vial. A tiny piece of fabric similar to a beer koozie surrounds the vial, and as another little band for the tiny lancer device. It is, by far, the most compact meter system I’ve ever seen.

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Photo Friday: If only…


If only… all diabetes mistakes were this easy to fix.

Sensory overload

When I was in grade school, four times a year I would proudly (or not-so-proudly) bring home my report card and hand it to my parents. And four times a year, my father would remind me of the report-cards HE brought home from grade school, telling me that while letter-grades A through D would be written in blue or black ink, the F’s were always in red.

Maybe it was to keep the kids honest and to stop them from adding a vertical line and changing the F to an A, but I think it was done strictly for shock-value. (These were the days before computer-generated report cards. And, for the record, I never came home with an F).

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How to lose a high in ten minutes

This is how the story ends. What a workout!
Image credit: DiabetesMine

OK, a bad pun on the title of a bad movie. But, seriously, there is a way to bring your blood sugar down — quickly! Read on….

This morning was a scene that has played out in my house many times before. I’m all ready to head out for work. I’ve got my laptop, got my wallet, got my emergency snacks (more than enough, because I fill my jacket pocket with food more often than I eat it), let me just get my meter.

It must be in the kitchen, since that’s where I was when I tested my sugar before breakfast. Nope, not there. Maybe I left it on the computer desk. Nope.

(Running upstairs).

Is it on my nightstand? Nope. On the bed? Not there either.

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