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How to lose a high in ten minutes

This is how the story ends. What a workout!
Image credit: DiabetesMine

OK, a bad pun on the title of a bad movie. But, seriously, there is a way to bring your blood sugar down — quickly! Read on….

This morning was a scene that has played out in my house many times before. I’m all ready to head out for work. I’ve got my laptop, got my wallet, got my emergency snacks (more than enough, because I fill my jacket pocket with food more often than I eat it), let me just get my meter.

It must be in the kitchen, since that’s where I was when I tested my sugar before breakfast. Nope, not there. Maybe I left it on the computer desk. Nope.

(Running upstairs).

Is it on my nightstand? Nope. On the bed? Not there either.

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