This blog is written solely by me, using my own thoughts and ideas. My thoughts are not for sale, nor are the articles published here.

However, I have, on occasion, been extended certain privileges or perks which may relate to this blog or to my participation in the Diabetes Online Community in general. This is the page where I will disclose such relationships.

  • In January 2014, I was invited to, and attended, a Diabetes Advocates Forum hosted by Medtronic and Bayer. My transportation, food, and lodging were paid for by the hosts, and I received a few token gifts (i.e. water bottle, tote bag) for my participation. Though I may write about the event here, all thoughts expressed are mine and mine alone.
  • On January 31,2014, I published a guest post by the founder of ShugaTrak. I approached and invited the guest poster because I have faith in his product and believe it to be beneficial to the diabetes community. I was not asked to publish it, nor was I compensated in any way.
  • On March 31, 2014, I began a 90-day trial of the Medtronic 530G with Enlite system. Medtronic provided the pump, CGM transmitter, and Bayer Contour NextLink meter, which must be returned at the end of the trial, as well as a 90-day supply of infusion sets, sensors, and test strips. This was provided at no cost to me, and I am being asked to provide them my feedback at the conclusion of the trial. Medtronic permits me to discuss my experiences with the trial openly and candidly on forums such as this blog, without any editorial oversight or restrictions, other than to include this disclosure.
  • Beginning November 2014, I am a guest blogger for Medtronic and their blog “The Loop“. In return for monthly contributions, I receive devices and/or supplies from Medtronic.