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You might be a DOCaholic…

Top Twelve signs you are addicted to the Diabetes Online Community:

(Yes, twelve. Because who can really stop at ten?)



You obsessively take photographs of numbers.


You know what it means to have “bloused” before a meal, and you’ve likely done it yourself. Read the rest of this entry

#DBlogWeek ’14 – Day 2 – Under the spleen


Are you ready, kids?

(Aye, aye, captain!!)


Who lives in a pancreas under the spleen?


It’s lazy and useless and spiteful and mean!


If blood sugar nonsense is something you wish


You’ve got diabetes and drink like a fish!



Dye-a-beet-ees, high-low Bee-Gees,

Carb-hy-dreet-ees Dye-a…. beet-ees!

* * *

(Remember – I have a first-grade son at home with a favorite TV show.  Also, have you ever tried to find a word that rhymes with diabetes?)

Today’s topic: This year, Diabetes Blog Week and TuDiabetes are teaming up to bring out the poet in you! Write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes. After you’ve posted it on your blog, share it on the No Sugar Added® Poetry page on TuDiabetes, and read what others have shared there as well!



I will test my sugar. Scott’s-my-name!
Just watch!  I’ll do it! Without shame!

And I would test it in a boat!
And at the zoo, next to a goat.
And I will test it on a plane.
And at my desk. And on a train.
And in a car; In a church pew.
It’s something I just have to do!

So I will test, not being rude.
Standing in line for some fast food.
And I will test it in the loo,
Or walking down Sixth Avenue.
And I will test it here and there.
Say! I will test it ANYWHERE!

I do not like
To hide my “D”.
Thank you!
Thank you!


Yes, I have tested in all of these places and situations … without shame.

Words and rhythm are a tribute to the legendary author Dr. Seuss, who would have turned 110 years old today. Happy Birthday!

This side up

I made a couple of interesting observations this afternoon about how I position my diabetes supplies.  Can you tell what do these three images have in common?


Pump clip


The urine ketone strip — not pictured (your welcome) — also gets used upside-down.


Perhaps it’s why I find this image, tweeted during last month’s Diabetes Advocates Forum, so alluring and appropriate.


Pictured left-to-right: me, Scott Strumello, Scott Strange, Scott K. Johnson



Decisions, decisions


This process makes it easy, but I really wish I could find some more choices…