How to lose a high in ten minutes

This is how the story ends. What a workout!
Image credit: DiabetesMine

OK, a bad pun on the title of a bad movie. But, seriously, there is a way to bring your blood sugar down — quickly! Read on….

This morning was a scene that has played out in my house many times before. I’m all ready to head out for work. I’ve got my laptop, got my wallet, got my emergency snacks (more than enough, because I fill my jacket pocket with food more often than I eat it), let me just get my meter.

It must be in the kitchen, since that’s where I was when I tested my sugar before breakfast. Nope, not there. Maybe I left it on the computer desk. Nope.

(Running upstairs).

Is it on my nightstand? Nope. On the bed? Not there either.

(Running back downstairs).

Not funny, Jokey.

Maybe I left it on the couch. (Pulling up cushions). Oh, look – it’s Jokey Smurf! (Son, how many times to I tell you to put your toys away?) Oh, and by the way, Jokey – not funny. Where the F!*@ is my meter?

Let me check the kitchen again. Still not there.

(Running back upstairs).

Bed? No. Bathroom? No. Under a pile of dirty laundry on the floor? Not their either.

(Scurrying downstairs, checking my watch, not wanting to be late for work).

Did I put it in my laptop bag? My jacket pocket? Under a pile of papers next to the computer? I know it’s GOT TO be in the kitchen!! In the dishwasher, maybe?

(Upstairs, one more time, huffing and puffing).

Kids’ rooms? Did I throw it out with the baby’s dirty diaper? (Eeewww).

In my nightstand drawer? There are three backup meters in there – in their fresh like-new, slightly rigid black pouches. I don’t want those; I want the one I use every day. The one in the worn and slightly frayed pouch. That pouch is soft and warm, like an old blanket. Comforting. (Plus, it can talk to my pump. How cool is that?)

(Back downstairs, contemplating a dive over the bannister, to check near the computer – again)


Stupid black pouch. Stupid black chair. Stupid me. Why do I always do this?? After all this time, you’d think I’d learn.

Now.. Where did I put my keys…..

(PS: I had one of those fluorescent hot-pink OneTouch UltraMinis once. You could see it from miles away. Then I lost it.)

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  1. LOL! At my JDRF walk kick-off event OneTouch was giving out bright pink, blue, and green meter cases for the Mini. That may help! 😛


    • Any color but black will do! I went through the same ritual the evening after posting this — and then swore I’d never again buy a car with a black interior. Changing the case color would be a lot easier!


  2. At least you didn’t trip over Jokey Smurf flying down the stairs! I always lose my clicker on my desk because they are both black. I hope you weren’t too late for work.


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