This blog is meant to be a friendly place.   In order to keep it that way, I will abide by the following guidelines, and I ask you to do the same.

1) While opinions are welcome, I will not slander any particular individual.  We all treat each other with respect.

2) I will not knowingly state something as fact that is not true.  Mistakes happen, we’re all human after all, so there is a chance of errors being posted.  Misstated facts will be corrected as discovered.  Likewise, most of what appears on this site particularly in the comments, are opinions and should be interpreted as such.

3) When leaving a comment, you can identify yourself using your WordPress, Facebook,  or Twitter account (I hope to add others like OpenID or Blogger, just as soon as I figure out how!) or simply use your name and email address.  While your email address is required, it will never be shared with anyone.  Your name can be a real name, a handle, a screen name, first name only, or almost anything else.  Just don’t present yourself as somebody else, and make sure it’s not vulgar.  We respect everyone’s privacy here.

4) Please don’t use the comments to promote your own blog or website.  There’s an opportunity to put a website in with your name, in which case your name will become a hyperlink to your site.  It’s a permissive form of self-promotion that’s not quite as intrusive. (Linking to your own site to further a discussion, however, is acceptable).

5) For now, comments will be open and loosely moderated (some automated screening processes are in place).  If  I see this being abused, either by spam or other inappropriate language, additional moderation steps may be added.

6) Nothing written directly on this blog should be considered a “credible source”.  This means you shouldn’t cite it in your school reports, Wikipedia articles, or anything else that is stating more than just opinion.  Whenever possible, articles on this blog will link (if online) or make reference to (if not online) the source of information being reported.

And of course, since have no real credibility here, don’t base any of your own medical treatment on what you read on this site.  As stated in the disclaimer on the right, any changes in your treatment should be discussed with a medical professional.


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