Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Diabetes: lots of crap

Thanks to this month’s DSMA carnival topic, I imagine that there will be lots of blog posts this month about the bags that people have found to carry all their D-crap in.  They will be filled with words like cute and sparkly, adorable and clutch.  But I’m a guy, and I don’t do cute and sparkly.  To me, adorable is a word reserved exclusively for babies, and I’m still not sure how to use the word clutch as anything other than a verb.

So in my entry for this month’s DSMA Carnival, you won’t see those descriptions.  If I could summarize this post is a word, it would be messy.  Messy is manly, and that’s what I am.  If (like my mother) you are repulsed by messiness, then you’d best click over to some other web site. NOW.

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