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Wordless Wednesday: Not Halloween


This candle is not for Halloween. It’s to help me see when it’s dark. Governor Christie has postponed Halloween in New Jersey until next Monday. More time to try to resist those sweet temptations around the house.

My Sandy update

For those of you who expressed concern…

We survived Hurricane Sandy.  Some roof shingles blew off of the house, but no real damage.  Even all my trees are still standing, which is shocking considering what I see in my neighbors’ yards.  But some folks had it worse.  A lot worse. My heart goes out to them.  I feel blessed for what I have. Perhaps unfairly so.

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As Hurricane Sandy is en-route to completely pummel my area with wind, rain, and lengthy power outages, I may not be online as much as I usually am. I’ll be focusing my energies on protecting myself, my family, and my property.

Please, to anyone who is in Sandy’s path: Be safe. Be careful. Be prepared.

If you need help, supplies, or shelter from the DOC, I’d suggest Twitter as the place to find it. Hashtag #DOC is always a good one, but there might be another one that will gain in popularity. We’ll see.

I’ll check in periodically, and urge you to do the same.

Wordless late-Wednesday: Ironic


These two things arrived at my house today (no, not together).  I wonder which one I’ll dig into first.

A love-hate relationship

I should be excited to get this, but surprisingly, I’m not.

It might not be fair to say I hate diabetes, but I could comfortably say that I’ve got a strong dislike for it.  Yet, for some inexplicable reason, I tend to develop a strong bond with the stuff that diabetes has brought into my life.  (Of course, I’m referring to devices, not people.  For the most part, I like the people I’ve met because of D.)

For instance.  When my doctor switched me from Humalog to Novolog (for legitimate reasons), I instinctively wanted to resist the change.  I was comfortable using Lilly insulin, and felt guilty that I was betraying the company that kept me alive for so many years.

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