Wordless Wednesday: Scratchy fingertips

There are more callouses on my fingers than there are stars in the sky

Yesterday, Stacey, a.k.a. The Girl With the Portable Pancreas professed her love for her favorite finger-stabber-device. Personally, I’ve never paid it much attention.

Maybe I should.

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  1. You definitely should 🙂 And nice pic by the way – love the shot!


    • When my wife was diagnosed with “borderline gestational” diabetes, she got an UltraMini meter with a Delica lancer. I’ve thought of trying it (especially since she doesn’t anymore), but I’ve got hundreds of lancets of varying colors and gauges, but all universal and interchangeable in size. But the Delica doesn’t fit those lancets, nor does it fit in my meter case.

      The little dots on my fingertips didn’t come out as clearly as I’d hoped (old camera-phone), but I assume you’re referring to the background!


  2. lovehatediabetes

    You use lots of fingers to test. Which is your favorite? 🙂


    • Pretty much the three you see here; the pinkie, ring, and middle fingers (probably in that order) on my right hand. I do the whole thing sort of one-handed. Pull the lever back to set the spring and press the button on the lance with my thumb, and let it prick one of the fingers on the other side of my hand.


      • lovehatediabetes

        You must have great coordination to do all that with one hand, ha! I’m right handed, so I use my left hand for testing.


  3. Ouch! You also test quite a bit on the pads of your fingers. It hurts so much more there – I only test on the sides – with my Multiclix! 😛


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