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Wordless Wednesday: Scratchy fingertips

There are more callouses on my fingers than there are stars in the sky

Yesterday, Stacey, a.k.a. The Girl With the Portable Pancreas professed her love for her favorite finger-stabber-device. Personally, I’ve never paid it much attention.

Maybe I should.

The “rule of 15” is so 15 years ago

If I lived in mmol/L land, my blood sugar would be a diminutive 'two'.

Someone, somewhere, came up with this so-called “rule of fifteen.”  If your blood sugar is low, treat it with a fifteen-carb snack, then patiently watch the second-hand spin ’round the clock fifteen times before testing again.

You have got to be kidding me.  This rule is so flawed, that even the glucose tablet confectioneries don’t make products which comply.  (Speaking of confectioneries, I went to college down the street from Just Born, makers of delicious [I’m told] candies such as Mike & Ike and Marshmallow Peeps.  The place itself looks like a hospital, and it took years to realize what really went on in that building!  Now I hear that Mike and Ike might be splitting up.  So sad.)

Back on topic.  With no individual customization whatsoever, or no evaluation of just how low a person might be, fifteen carbs will always do the trick.  And if it doesn’t. try again.

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