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Fantasizing with a dollar and a dream

This photo, taken this morning, is already out-of-date.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment.  Many people in America are doing today that anyway.

 As of this writing, the Mega-Millions lottery jackpot is up to $640,000,000.  That’s more than half a billion dollars.  What would you do if you won this enormous jackpot?  I admit, I’ve fantasized about it a bit.

Of course, I would make sure that my family and I were taken care of:  housing, college tuition, all that good stuff.  I would keep my house – I like it here – but I’d probably put in a pool and maybe hire a housekeeper (with excellent carb-counting skills) to do the cooking and cleaning for me.

But what of the rest?  Although I’ve probably got a better chance of waking up tomorrow, magically cured of diabetes, than I do of matching all six numbers, it’s still nice to dream.

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Uh oh.

The soggy box should’ve been a clue.

I suppose this is what my pancreas looks like: emptiness where the insulin is supposed to be.

Except the pancreas probably isn’t made of broken glass.

Fortunately, I had a backup.  (Backup Novolog.  Not a backup pancreas – my pharmacy doesn’t stock those and my insurance wouldn’t cover it anyway.)

Oh, and even though we all do it, the butter compartment of the fridge is not a particularly good place to keep insulin, particularly if it’s also where you keep the butter.

Such are the sagas of living with diabetes.

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The wonderful wizard of eyes

Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about making an appointment with the ophthalmologist.  Yesterday was the day, and the day went surprisingly well.

Making the walk from my house to the office was easy – it took about 10 minutes.  It was also kind of cloudy.  This is good, I thought.  It’ll make my walk home that much easier.  I brought my laptop with me to pass the time.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sugar-free sugar

Since the soft drinks at Fuddruckers Hamburgers are all self-serve,
I couldn't ask the server "are you sure it's diet?"

I took this image about a year and half ago and posted it on TuDiabetes shortly before starting this blog. But in the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, I thought it’s worth sharing it again here.

Yay! Free blood!

The best things in life are free
Image credit: Flickr | Angelsk, under Creative Commons License

While I was in the middle of preparing yesterday’s blog post and recovering from a low BG (the result of overtreating a high BG, itself a result of a Sunday breakfast of delicious pancakes), I heard these words from the next room.

“Daddy, I have a bloody nose.”

When you are a parent with diabetes, these things often – OK, always happen at the worst possible time. I wasn’t in the most wonderful shape to take care of my kid, but I did it anyway without giving it a second thought.  After blotting J’s nose with half a box of tissues, I then turned my attention to cleaning the carpet – rather than quietly and patiently waiting the prescribed 15 minutes before testing again. My priorities: PARENT FIRST, PWD SECOND.

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