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I never would’ve made it

When completed, the Freedom Tower will stand at 1,776 feet tall.
Image Credit: The Port Authority of NY & NJ.  Photo dated April 2, 2012

This article was particularly difficult to write, as it touches on a very emotional subject. While I’ve tried to be delicate and compassionate, yet honest, you may find parts of it difficult or disturbing to read as well. These thoughts  have been going thorough my head for years. However, I’ve never put them into words until now, in the text that you see below.

Recently, I’ve been working a lot at a bustling construction site in Manhattan. These days, the 16-acre downtown area between Church and West Streets is a busy work-zone, teeming with carpenters, masons, electricians, and other trade workers navigating heavy equipment through narrow below-grade corridors. Aside from the security checkpoints at entry, the view from close-up pretty much resembles any typical construction site. Since I, as well as many other workers, take a train directly to the site, we aren’t greeted by the inspirational and emotional view that you see atop this post.

We all took a vow never to forget what happened on that spot ten and a half years ago. In New York, Washington D.C., and in Pennsylvania, the unthinkable became reality as innocent lives were taken, indestructible families were shattered, and fear replaced confidence.
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