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#DBlogWeek ’15 – Day 6 – Lyrical poet

Part of me wishes I had a Dexcom and a Nightscout setup. This way, I could deny people access and redirect them to a YouTube video of Mick Jagger demanding “Hey you! Get off of my Cloud!”

-from Ten Things, posted on Sept. 16, 2014

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been keeping a running a tally of my “Best of RITD” posts in the header on this blog, so I could just point my response to today’s prompt to that page and be done with it. (I’ve been lazy about maintaining that page anyway).  But one of the common themes in this blog, of which I take some pride, is my incorporation of musical lyrics into my stories. So instead of sharing quotes of myself, I’m going to give credit to those who I’ve quoted (or paraphrased).

The theme begins with the very title of this blog itself.

Here are my favorite posts where I’ve intertwined lyrics with my ramblings:

And my absolute all-time favorite blog post, a vlog posted one year ago on Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week 2014 , in which I didn’t write (or speak) at all.

I have also managed to incorporate musical references from a wide range of musicians, including Vanilla Ice,  Dexy’s Midnight Runners, REM,  The Beatles (twice), Wild Cherry, The Proclaimers, The Police, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kross, Elmo & PatsyCredence Clearwater Revival, Peaches and Herb, Led Zeppelin, and Kenny Rogers in the titles of posts, even if not in the post itself.

And there you have it. Musicians who have inspired some of the content in my blog.