Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

ER admission 05-21-81

Today is May 21, 2013. It has been thirty-two years since my diagnosis.

Life goes on.

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  1. Do something nice for yourself today.


  2. Happy diaversary!


  3. Congrats, Scott! Big achievement. I second Denise, do something special today.


  4. Happy Diaversary Scott… celebrate the fact that you’ve made it this far. It’s quite an accomplishment!


  5. Wow! 32 years! You should be verey proud! Great Job!


  6. I missed this the other day – happy 32 years, Scott!!! Here’s to many many more happy diaversaries your way, bro!


  7. I was too busy enjoying my birthday on the day you were “celebrating” your diaversary, so sorry I missed this. Congrats to you for living and managing this long! Life does go on, with or without diabetes. I’m hoping one day we’ll be able to say, “without” it for ourselves (or at least without the copious amount of work we have to do now to manage it.)


  8. Happy anniversary! Congratulations on all of the hard work you do to take care of yourself, Scott.


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