Minion suspend

I was lying next to my son Jay (the older one, age seven), reading him a story before bed. My blood sugar was already on the low side, and I had chomped a couple of glucose tablets and set my temporary basal to zero just a few minutes before. The CGM read sixty-six. My preset threshold is sixty-five. I didn’t want it to happen.

But in the middle of a paragraph about whitewater rafting through Australia, it did.

Bee-do, bee-do, bee-do….

I’m not kidding. That’s pretty much what it sounds like when this happens.


Seriously. (I quickly silenced the alarm, then pressed a few buttons to tell it, paradoxically, to resume my temporary basal rate of zero).

“What was that?” Jay asked, startled. (He’s never heard my pump beep before, because it’s always on ‘vibrate’. But the Threshold Suspend minions override vibrate.)

“That’s just my insulin pump, telling me my blood sugar’s low.”

“Oh, so that means you need to get something. To eat something unhealthy, right?”

“Well, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy, just something sweet. Like, juice would be OK.”

“Right. It doesn’t have to be something like hot apple pie.”

“No, but that does sound good!”

“Yeah, maybe just a few packs of Fruit Snacks.”

“Well, a few might be a bit much. Maybe just one.”

I sure hope he never gets diabetes, but if he does, I’m quite certain he’ll know just how to (over)treat a low.

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  1. Omg that is what a threshold suspend sounds like! I hate when mine goes off at work. The first time it happened 3 coworkers poked their heads into my office wanting to know what happened because it’s so loud. When I explained, they said “so if we hear that noise again we should make sure you’re not passed out in here?”. I said that was unlikely but sure–why not?

    I’ve read that some people only turn on the thresh suspend at night to avoid this, but I know I wouldn’t remember to turn it off and on everyday.


  2. I LOVE this post and the video. I am glad I know what to listen for! Your son seems pretty together and wise. Thank you for sharing this moment, Scott.


  3. I love Despicable Me! And nothing wrong with over treating a low with yummy apple pie every now and then 😉


  4. Gosh that would drive me insane… I mean, my Dex alarms are fairly obnoxious too, but I can at least change them.


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