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My, what big optic nerves you have!


“I don’t see any diabetes in those eyes,”

the doctor said.


Which was reassuring, in a way….

…but also unsettling.

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And in this corner… (battle of the CGMs)

As my 90-day trial passes the halfway mark, I know I’ll need to make a decision soon as to what I’ll use going forward.  Not using a CGM is not an option. Using a SofSensor is a painful choice. Making a multi-year commitment to any one product is never easy.

Enlite v Dexcom? Dexcom v Enlite? So much to consider.  I figured that putting my thoughts in words might help me sort things out a bit.

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A ramble as clumsy as the pump’s name itself

I told myself that I would give it some time before posting a recap of my trial on a new pump (you know, the awkwardly titled Medtronic Minimed 530G with Enlite).  Now, nearly two months in, seems as good a time as ever.  But just when I think I’ve formed an opinion on the Minimed 530G, I find a reason to change it.

Case-in-point.  It started out wonderfully. The sensor tracked my blood sugar really, really well. I even put this nifty mash-up of Carelink Pro data (provided to me by my trainer, as I apparently lack the credentials or qualifications to do it myself).


Enlite-CareLinkProThe line is the sensor readings. The dots are the fingersticks.  They are pretty damn close, if I do say so myself.

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It’s thirty-three years since diagnosis.

I thought about writing some rambling introspective soliloquy about what it’s been like, how things have changed, how I fought through adversity, and blah, blah, blah….

But I won’t. It’s just not me.

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#DBlogWeek ’14 – Day 7 – Ketchup

ketchupI know, I still have to ketchup (catch up) on some posts from days 4 and 5.  I’ll get to it … eventually … I think.

But as if writing seven days worth of prompted blog posts (with challenging topics as well, I might add) isn’t tough – how about reading them!  It’s darn near impossible.

So, I suspect you’ve not seen everything out there (I know I haven’t). But if you’ve got an appetite for some really good ones, here are a few suggestions to help ketchup on the ones you missed.

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