Wednesday Twofer: Bummed

Why not think of this as two weeks’ worth of Wordless Wednesdays? (try saying that five times fast!). Though, because I tend to be incredibly verbose, I’ve given up on the Wordless part.

Anyway, here’s the Wordless Wednesday post I had planned for last week:

* * *


I’ve really grown to like the Mio infusion set, and have been using it for every third or fourth site-change until I deplete my supply of the other kind. Knowing it’s about time to switch makes me feel a little down.

* * *


This isn’t the post that went up last week. My actual post from last Wednesday was of a purple ketone strip and a misguided CGM reading, which turned out to be a consequence of the above. Since I was running on empty, I did a set-change last Tuesday, and the new Sure-T that I inserted failed me.

So at 3 o’clock in the morning, I replaced it with a Silhouette. An angled, long-needled, irritatingly familiar Silhouette. A Silhouette that comes with 42-inches of glorious tubing (ten inches more than the leading brand). Not wanting to go through the whole tube-fill procedure again when I could’ve been sleeping, I unplugged the 32-inch Sure-T tubing from the bum infusion set and plugged it into the freshly inserted Sil. (Hopefully, I remembered to fill the cannula with 0.7 units, but in hindsight, I’m not so sure I did). I saved the 42-inch tubing for later.

Sometime over the next few days, it was time for that Sil to go, and I put in another Sure-T. But rather than use the included tubing, I retrieved the precious 42-inch tubing that I had stashed away.

It was wonderful. For three (and a half… shhh) days I could get dressed without bungee-pumping. I could poop without securing my pump safely in my shirt pocket or in my mouth (ewww, I know.)

[end of interlude — now for this week’s post]

 * * *


I’ve really grown to like the 42-inch pump tubing. Sadly, they don’t come with any of my preferred infusion sets, but occasionally I get to bask in its luxurious comforts. Knowing I’ve soon got to switch makes me feel a little down.

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  1. Where in the world do you put all that tubing? I’m a 23″ girl myself. Granted, depending on where I insert the port, it can be a stretch (literally) to get my pump situated properly in my bra, but when I first started pumping, and used the 42″ tubing, I woke up one night being strangled by it, believed it was trying to kill me, thus I switched post-haste to shorter tubing and never looked back 🙂


    • I generally keep the pump clipped to my belt and the infusion site/connection point somewhere near my abdomen area. The tubing gets stuffed inside my waistband. As mens’ shirts tend to be longer than womens’, I need enough length to go down around the bottom of the outside my shirt and up along the inside. Also, as I mentioned, it helps in “particular cases” where I’m not wearing my pants around my waist….


  2. “I could poop without securing my pump safely in my shirt pocket or in my mouth (ewww, I know )” — I’m dying laughing.

    Also, I like the 42″ tubing too. I’m short (like barely 5′) but I can’t stand wearing the short tubing and accidentally dropping my pump and having it hang by my site. I’d rather my pump hit the floor. I also prefer to have enough slack to make my pump sleep on my husband’s side of the bed 🙂


  3. I’m liking the 32″ one. I used to be a 23″ girl, but a lot of times, I couldn’t put the pump where I wanted it it. Now if I need to stash it “up top” I can while the site is in my leg.



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