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Wednesday Twofer: Bummed

Why not think of this as two weeks’ worth of Wordless Wednesdays? (try saying that five times fast!). Though, because I tend to be incredibly verbose, I’ve given up on the Wordless part.

Anyway, here’s the Wordless Wednesday post I had planned for last week:

* * *


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No one here but Mio

I guess titling this post with a lyric from a singer named Sting is a bit misleading. Because putting in my new infusion set didn’t sting at all.

In fact, when I finally inserted my first Mio set, I didn’t even know if I did it right. I had no idea if it went beneath the skin at all.

Here’s the thing — the directions that come with the Mio are pretty much useless. It’s a huge book with irrelevant words in fifty languages, and some crudely drawn sketches. Where are the three raised bumps to grasp to remove the cover? Which markings are the ones to hold the device and which to squeeze to plunge the needle?

Not having any trainer or Skype-buddies, I turned to YouTube. I went back and forth between two videos: one official Medtronic video and another PWD-made video on how to do the insertion. Neither were great (and there was one big contradiction between the two), but together I managed. I thought about seeking help via Twitter, but typing while I had this big thing stuck to my belly wasn’t going to work.

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