A heightened state of alert

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…


It happened in the middle of today’s breakfast bolus delivery.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t really care. I’ve been through tons of these before and they turned out uneventful (though this is the first one with THIS pump; I thought maybe Epsilon was a winner). I called Medtronic and went through the normal battery of tests, and everything turned out fine.

Except this Motor Error came in a different context:

SensorHistoryIn fairness, this came after a night of pizza and rage-bolusing (despite a dual-wave bolus that ALMOST worked). So whatever happened overnight could sort-of be explained.

Am I worried? No.  but I am in a “heightened state of alert”.

(By the way, Medtronic reminded me that I’m under warranty until March 2015; which really sucks, because I have a feeling the Veo/Enlite combo might be coming out in the U.S. really soon. Of course, I have no reason to believe that other than my unsubstantiated info-gathering and my unjustified optimism.)

And right now, moments before publishing this blog post (and fifteen minutes after eating some delicious ice-cream), my #bgnow is 71 mg/dl.

Wish me luck…

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  1. Sounds like a lot of us around the DOC are dealing with unexplained lows today and yesterday. Maybe we shouldn’t have all answered the 48 questions?? 😉


    • Or maybe I should answer 48 questions every day! Maybe there really *is* a way for a T1 to wean themselves off insulin: without cinnamon, acai berries, or all-natural herbal remedies. 🙂


  2. Why does it suck to be under warranty? It actually means you pay less for an upgrade, doesn’t it? That was my experience with Medtronic.


    • I figured if I was out-of-warranty, then insurance would help out with the new one. If not, it would be all on me (at least that’s what I gather from most Dex G4 upgrade stories that I’ve read). Of course, the new pump isn’t even out yet, and everyone is hush-hush about it, so I can’t actually test the theory yet.

      But (as I wrote yesterday) my first pump was already outdated by the time I started it. Medtronic’s first pump/CGM was released in between the time I received my 515 and the time I was trained to use it. I had no idea about an upgrade option. So maybe I’m just a little bitter…


  3. Wow Scott what do you do to your pumps? I’ve been wearing a minimed for 13 years and I’m not sure I’ve ever had a motor error (maybe once?). Good luck with that. My warranty expires next month. I’m thinking I will just wait for the new system to upgrade. I’m still wearing a Paradigm 522.


    • I seriously have no idea. I’m thinking it might just be a design flaw with the Revel (I’m wearing a 523) even though I can’t imagine it to be THAT different. Perhaps it’s the smaller bolus-increments and the more precise measurements, as I speculated one of the other times.

      But yeah, I’m hoping the Veo has solved this problem… or at least solved my streak of bad luck. I’d recommend waiting for the Veo if you can (especially if you use a CGM) — with the FDA’s recent Omnipod and Dexcom approvals, I feel like they’re on a roll…


  4. Yikes! That’s no good, man. Hopefully your pump pulls itself back together and keeps ya on the level.



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