Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

t:slim, now I’m impressed

I’ve had a change of heart.  Awhile back, I wrote a rather popular blog post about the t:slim insulin pump, and why I felt it wasn’t right for me. This was based on published descriptions and a video glimpse of a pre-release model.  I said I’d stick with function over form, substance over style.

But then a bunch of other people got t:slims and started writing about them: in comments, in blogs, in tweets.  Meanwhile, Tandem diabetes had taken to social media in a big way, not only for self-promotion but in a truly interactive manner, answering questions and publicizing blogs about their product. They even came up with a new t:clip to replace the unpopular t:case. Most recently, we’ve learned that they’re deeply involved with JDRF in an Artificial Pancreas trial using a dual-cartridge mechanism that can deliver, presumably, insulin as well as glucagon.

Color me impressed. These folks never stop working and never stop innovating. Tandem, I was wrong about you.

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