Weekend viewing: Hurricane Sandy, a documentary

Sea Bright, New Jersey is a narrow barrier island that fronts the Atlantic Ocean.  Like much of the northern Monmouth County coastline, it is more of a working-class residential community and not a tourist destination like some other shore towns.  But I’ve had occasion to go there at times.  There is a single bridge that leads in and out of town.  I love re-telling the story of an old friend of mine who used to live there. When she was pregnant with her first child, her (then-)husband took a sonogram photo to a neighborhood bar. Bruce Springsteen happened to be there and autographed it for them.

Rumson, which is across the bay from Sea Bright, is a more affluent community with lots of mature trees and larger homes. It is there where a talented 16-year-old girl lives; she created this video documentary about her encounters during Hurricane Sandy.  In her own words, it is “a first hand, zero budget, documentary of Hurricane Sandy’s impact on Sea Bright, Rumson and Long Branch New Jersey.” The video was noticed by Pat Monahan of the band Train (whose music is included in the documentary), and he has decided to perform a private concert for the residents of Sea Bright as a friendly gesture to those who have lost so much. Though the concert is only for residents, it will air on VH1 on Christmas day.

Her video is a half an hour long, but if you can, please watch it. I promise, it will be worth the time. There are plenty of charitable groups that are collecting funds to Restore The Shore and other areas affected by the storm, and if you can find one you like and help out, please do so.  I won’t list them here as I’m not knowledgeable enough to endorse one over the other – nor can I, in good conscience, choose between Sea Bright, Sea Isle City, or Staten Island as the benefactor – but if you ask for help, I’m sure I or someone else can give you some.

If you’d like to help out those in the diabetes community who have been affected by Superstorm Sandy, please read yesterday’s post by Kelly Kunik on Diabetesaliciousness.


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