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Weekend viewing: Hurricane Sandy, a documentary

Sea Bright, New Jersey is a narrow barrier island that fronts the Atlantic Ocean.  Like much of the northern Monmouth County coastline, it is more of a working-class residential community and not a tourist destination like some other shore towns.  But I’ve had occasion to go there at times.  There is a single bridge that leads in and out of town.  I love re-telling the story of an old friend of mine who used to live there. When she was pregnant with her first child, her (then-)husband took a sonogram photo to a neighborhood bar. Bruce Springsteen happened to be there and autographed it for them.

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Wordless Wednesday: Not Halloween


This candle is not for Halloween. It’s to help me see when it’s dark. Governor Christie has postponed Halloween in New Jersey until next Monday. More time to try to resist those sweet temptations around the house.

My Sandy update

For those of you who expressed concern…

We survived Hurricane Sandy.  Some roof shingles blew off of the house, but no real damage.  Even all my trees are still standing, which is shocking considering what I see in my neighbors’ yards.  But some folks had it worse.  A lot worse. My heart goes out to them.  I feel blessed for what I have. Perhaps unfairly so.

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