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Wordless Wednesday: Unfair pricing

I always thought my test-strip distributor charged an unusually high amount for a (relatively) inexpensive strip. So I decided to see what my insurance company thought of the sticker-price.

TestStrip Insurance

That discount that they negotiated is pretty damn good. But it still leaves me scratching my head.

Why can’t the prices be the same for everyone?

Question to self: Dude, am I trying to kill me?


I woke up at 1:41 in the morning and tested my blood sugar, all by myself. For that, I am indescribably grateful.

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Everybody needs a friend

On Wednesday, I attended a JDRF Adult T1 Meet-Up coordinated jointly by two of the New Jersey chapters.  I had been to a meet-up in New York City back in November, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of this one. Curiosity and the opportunity to expand my social circle are what brought me there.

I’m glad they call it a “meet-up” and not a “support group”. I didn’t to make it seem like I’m going somewhere because I need help. Emotionally, I’m okay with my diabetes*. Physiologically, I’m confident in my ability to try new things and make it better (note that I said “my ability to try”, and not “my ability to make it better “. Some experiments work, some don’t, and some require such a lifestyle change that I won’t even try).  [* I realize how incredibly fortunate I am for that. I wish everyone else with diabetes could be the same.]

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Eureka! The experiment worked!

It was Saturday night and I was tired. I’d already brushed my teeth and was about to climb into bed and tuck myself under the covers.

But first, a quick glance to make sure I could safely turn in.

PM CGM 101I was starting to flatten out from my downward trend, and there were no arrows indicating the trend was ongoing, but it was still a bit too close for comfort for me.  A quick confirmation on my handy-dandy meter confirmed my suspicion: 91 mg/dl.

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Wordless Wednesday: Flirting with danger

LowDayI believe I spent more time on Monday below the “low” line than above it.  Seriously, what the hell happened?

No, I wasn’t more active than usual; and no, this wasn’t a new infusion set/vial of insulin. Yes, the CGM matched the fingersticks.

And I can now say something I never thought I’d say: I am so freakin’ sick of Skittles — If I eat another Skittle before 2015 it will be too soon.