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Motor Errors, or Y2K twelve years late

Something’s happening….!

Twelve and a half years ago, when electronic calendars and computer systems that relied on them changed years from ’99 to ’00, all hell was supposed to break loose. Power grids would come to a grinding halt.  FM radio transmissions would cease.  Cell-phones would automatically update with rotary dial apps. Women would cover their heads with ridiculous-looking hats while perfectly able-bodied men would walk with canes. Insulin pumps would all experience Motor Errors.

Well, nobody predicted that last one in 2000, but for some reason, it seems to be happening in 2012. Wil’s tribulations have been well documented.  Scott K. Johnson’s pump reported its second Motor Error less than a month after its first.

You see where I’m going with this.  (If you don’t, you haven’t seen my Twitter feed or the new image at the top of this post).  Just after delivering my breakfast bolus, it happened to me.  Again.

Seriously, there’s something going on with all of these Motor Errors.  It’s like someone snuck a computer virus in the 100,000 lines of code that powers insulin pumps, and the virus is just now becoming active, in 2012.  Maybe I should set my pump-clock back a few years and life will be good again.

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