Your wish is granted

So there was this carnival in New Jersey. I made a wish on this machine. It was called a Zoltar Machine! It had this bobbing head that looked just like a devil and if you got a quarter in the devil’s mouth you could make a wish and I did!  So I made a wish to not have diabetes!

* * *

OK, so that’s not how it really happened.  But earlier this month, I did make a wish:  I wished that I would have a chance to meet some other people in the DOC.  While making that wish, I was also terrified that I would actually have to plan something, because, you know, I really stink at planning things.  I had resigned to the fact that this would just become another fleeting thought of mine that would go nowhere.

But almost immediately, one member of the DOC invited me to a event, which unfortunately I had to decline (and since the invitation was private, that person’s name shall also remain so).  Then Alecia extended what is virtually an open invitation to join her on September 30th in the New York City JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  So, after making sure my wife would allow me to head into the big City to meet some girl I met on the Internet (it’s not really like that, but for the sake of my marriage, I need to make sure), I signed up to walk with Alecia’s Stem Cells.

Then, last week came the not-so Bitter-Sweet announcement that there JDRF was planning a”New York Metro Region T1D Adult Meetup.”   It’s not a particularly catchy name, but I expect it will be just as it sounds and it’ll be my first chance to meet some of you.  I’ve already been told that some DOCers (made up term) from New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut will be there.  It’s on September 20th from 7:00 pm to 8:30, and even though pumping should mean I don’t need to eat on a schedule, I’ll probably grab dinner somewhere beforehand.  Whoever else is attending is welcome to join me:  Probably sometime around 6:00 in the vicinity of the JDRF office.

And all because I made a wish upon my 101st blog post. (Or maybe it’s just coincidence. Either way, I’ll take it!)

But, of course, diabetes isn’t all about getting together with friends and partying.  The morning after the meetup I’ve got an appointment with my endocrinologist.  I’m actually expecting good things this time around, but it’s still will bring the reality of living with diabetes front-and-center in my mind again.

(By the way, on October 7th I’ll also be walking in the JDRF walk for my home chapter at the County College of Morris in Randolph, NJ.  I’m not registered yet, as I recently learned the team I walked with last year may not participate, but I know I’ll still be there one way or another.  Any and all of you are welcome to join me).


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  1. Almost makes me wish I lived in New Jersey…


  2. I went to a T1 diabetic/extreme athlete get together a few months back. It was hosted at an REI (outdoor adventure gear store) and I got to meet and talk with some new friends. One was a young woman who was about to embark on her practicum for becoming a diabetic counselor (in both senses of the word). Another was a Type 2 who came to get some advice about walking the Pacific Crest Trail (look it up – you’ll be astonished at how far it is)!

    We also had a wonderful question and discussion time that started with a quick survey of when we were diagnosed. The scattering was not as heavily weighted in the first two decades as I expected. I’d just met a REALLY late bloomer, so when the moderator said “fifth decade?” I said, along with the woman, “Keep going!” She had been diagnosed at 68!

    I am not an extreme athlete, but everyone with T1 FEELS like an extreme athlete when they try to exercise seriously. So, it was not a foregone conclusion that this meeting was right for me. I learned we ALL are going through the same things and it’s nice to be around people who “get it.” Have fun.


  3. Aaahhhh, dinner. I hadn’t even thought about dinner. (Duh) I’d definitely be up for coming in earlier for dinner before the meet up!!


  4. I’ll definitely be around for dinner. I get done with school at 1pm, so I can be down to NYC whenever. Also, would you be interested in joining our Westchester Walk team? I’m team captain of Team All Grown Up. If you don’t have a team, you’re more than welcome to join! 🙂


    • Three walks in three weeks could be tough (plus, it’s the weekend of my brother’s birthday and I’m sure something’s planned), but I’ll see what I can do. I’ve still got some family who have committed to my local (no team as-of-yet) walk, so I can’t just skip it and do the Westchester one instead. It’ll be great to meet you at the JDRF Meet-up though!


  5. Jealous!! I am so looking forward to meeting some DOC’ers, too. I’ve met Kerri and Christina. but I am excited to meet more. My new job will be taking me to Indy within the next couple of months so I’m hoping to work something out there with Cherise and maybe Mike (they don’t know that yet though! lol) and we have an office in Jersey, too, so if I get to visit there – I hope to get to meet YOU in person, too!


  6. I somehow missed the mention that you joined Alecia’s team. That’s cool. No hard feelings. 😉


  7. Ahh! The Zoltar machine! Haha!



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