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#dblogweek – Day 7 – Diabetes Hero

Well, I’m back from my short vacation.  In four days, I’ve wasted four infusion sets, three reservoirs (one used twice), a CGM sensor, a half-full bottle of Novolog, seventy or so One Touch Ultra strips, a thrice-used syringe, a bright-purple ketone test-strip, and a hot-tub-drenched cell phone.  I never even broke the safety-seal on my massive supply of glucose tabs.  If I have the courage to write about it, I’ll write more next week.

The moral of the story: when traveling, pack spares.  Then pack more spares . Cause you never know.  Now on with today’s topic.

For the next week, I’ll be participating in the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week (for more info, click on the banner above). Each day, D-Bloggers will be (mostly) blogging about a common topic but offering their own perspectives.

My diabetes Hero.

As I write this article, I’m torn by who to pick.  Should it be someone, like Dr. Banting, who discovered the magic potion that keeps me alive?  Someone like Manny or Kerri, who first gave me the setting and the confidence in which to openly discuss this?  Maybe Sonia Sotomayor, who pushed through the social and physical challenges of being an ethnic-minority-woman-with-Type-1-raised-in-poverty to become a Supreme Court Justice.  All of the above reached their goals based on hard work, perseverance, and a real passion for what they were trying to achieve.

There are so many heroes out there, and the word “hero” is a word that often gets tossed around indiscriminately.  In general, I feel like sports figures are most often described as heroes when they shouldn’t be, but in this case I’m going to go with one, because this gentleman (term used loosely) fits the “I have no idea how he did it” category.  I’ve mentioned him before.  He a former player, captain, and later General Manager of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, Bobby Clarke.

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