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How (and when) to find the perfect endo

I’ve written on blogs, message boards, and Twitter about how I found my wonderful endocrinologist. My advice to others (particularly insulin pumpers) has always been to contact your pump representative to ask who, they feel, is most familiar with the pump and everything it can do.

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100,000 drops of blood

I’ve got a strange feeling that I’ve been here before.

Yesterday on Diabetes Daily, Ginger Vieira calculated how many finger-pricks she had subjected herself to.  Her estimate: 27,375.

Naturally, I did the same estimate for myself.  Of course, the math is far from perfect, as I started out without hardly any blood tests at all in the first year following diagnosis, and now I’m generally averaging 12 or so per day, but since we’re estimating, I believe what you are about to read is perfectly valid.
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