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My social media policy

Image credit: Jason A. Howe | Flickr
Used under Creative Commons license

I’ve gotten a few requests to be friends/connections/bonds/followers/what-have-you on various social media sites lately, so I figured now’s a good time to tell everyone how I use social media, when I let my real-life and diabetes-online presences collide, and when I keep them separate. If you’ve sent me a social media request and I haven’t responded, please don’t feel slighted – this post explains why.

Facebook:¬†On my personal Facebook page, I’ve chosen to limit my “friends” to people who are either real-life friends or family. I don’t talk much about diabetes on there, and don’t use it as a pedestal for that type of discussion – it’s mostly for personal thoughts, experiences, and lots of pictures of my kids. Stuff that I’m not willing to share with the entire world.

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