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“Real people sick” is easy

No matter what, he keeps on smiling!

My little boy is sick.  Real people sick.  (Of course he’s “real people sick.”  That’s the only kind of sick that most people, people without D, get.)

I got the call to pick him up from day-care yesterday and take him to the pediatrician.  It seems his right ear was clogged up with wax and some stuff was oozing from his eyes.  I thought it was just a cool trick, but his teacher was worried and asked me to bring him home.  The doctor said it’s a pretty normal infection, prescribed some antibiotics, and said he’d be fine tomorrow.

This didn’t surprise me.   Baby Z spends hours in day-care putting everything he can reach in his mouth.  Everything.  I’m sure other kids in the same room probably do the same thing.  It’s the environment and it happens.  This doesn’t bother me, though.  I’m all in favor of my kids getting sick when they’re young.  My wife and I believe it builds up their immune system and makes them more resilient.  The children we’ve seen whose mothers isolate them from the world and bathe in Purell every 15 minutes are the ones who catch colds the most.  But for my own kids, as long as their immune system doesn’t get so out-of-control that it starts Fighting Islets, I see nothing wrong with giving it a workout every now and then.  (By the way, If I ever release a rock CD filled with diabetes-related music, I’m going to call it Fighting Islets).

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