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Bolusing for Burgers

A sneak-peak at the data my endo downloads from my pump.
I’ll show more later in the week.

One of the observations that Dr. Right made when reviewing my data last week was that I would often have stubborn-highs in the time between dinner and bed.  Not spikes, but plateaus; the kind that hover in the 220 mg/dl range and don’t seem to budge.  No matter what.

I had suggested that my basals might need tweaking.  When I set my original basal rates years ago, my lifestyle was thus: sit motionless on the train and at work all day, run around like crazy with my son at home.  That pattern was my regular weekday routine for years.  Over time, “train” changed to “car” and “son” changed to “sons”, but the routine was the same.

Lately, my job has become much more rigorous.  Instead of working at a desk, I’m in the field, on my feet and active all day (sporting a temporary basal and fighting lows).  By the time I get home, I’m physically drained so I do nothing – especially when three hours of playoff hockey is on the tube. The answer should be that the lower evening basal, optimized to the high-exercise evenings, is no longer right.  Right?


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