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I will test my sugar. Scott’s-my-name!
Just watch!  I’ll do it! Without shame!

And I would test it in a boat!
And at the zoo, next to a goat.
And I will test it on a plane.
And at my desk. And on a train.
And in a car; In a church pew.
It’s something I just have to do!

So I will test, not being rude.
Standing in line for some fast food.
And I will test it in the loo,
Or walking down Sixth Avenue.
And I will test it here and there.
Say! I will test it ANYWHERE!

I do not like
To hide my “D”.
Thank you!
Thank you!


Yes, I have tested in all of these places and situations … without shame.

Words and rhythm are a tribute to the legendary author Dr. Seuss, who would have turned 110 years old today. Happy Birthday!

Breaking the rules

I know it’s important.
Believe me, I tried
To make something artistic
Linking diabetes with pride.

Just paint a picture;
Just sing a song.
For those labeled “creative”
It shouldn’t take long.

My grandpa could draw.
Excelled in Arts High, he recalled.
But the family gene that links us
Is not artistic, but bald.

But my circles are oblong,
My paintings all stink.
My hands don’t know precision,
Though my mind sure can think.

I can’t dance expression
No rhythm in these hips.
I can’t tickle the ivories
With these scratchy fingertips.

The rules were quite open.
Use clay or use paint.
Multimedia permitted
But simple prose ain’t.

But words are my artform
Nouns are my brush.
I embrace punctuation.
Verbs give me a rush.

My attempts to make art
Drew a blank, sad to say.
It seems use of language
Is my artistic way.

Please forgive my disregard
Of the rules, clear they be;
For instead of drawing diabetes,
I just wrote about me.