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Wanting to save, wanting to be saved

To my dear generous, selfless cousin: Oh, how I wish I could
Source: Facebook (names and faces hidden)

A year ago today, my cousin donated a kidney to her younger brother.  When doctors determined that his kidneys were failing and he’d need a transplant, the entire family (brother, sister, mother, father) were tested, and the sister was found to be the best match.

Without giving it a second thought, she jumped at the opportunity.  Keep in mind that, while the rest of the family lived rather close to one another (with an hour’s drive), she was about four hours and a few states away.  She also had three kids living at home, and her husband had been out of work for quite some time.  Life was difficult.  Hectic.  Stressful.

But blood is thicker than water.  She instinctively signed up to take time off of work, transfer her parental responsibilities to others, and undergo invasive surgery to help save her brother.

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