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Meet my new pump, Epsilon

This is my new insulin pump.  Her name is Epsilon, and I haven’t even taken her out of the box yet.  Her parts have been reincarnated refurbished from an earlier life as an insulin pump. I have no idea what that life was like or what led to her premature demise.

She’s here because my previous pump, Delta, experienced Motor Errors on the past two consecutive Sundays.  Delta, herself, is a factory-refurbished model.  She was hired as a fill-in pancreas in July, after Gamma decided she didn’t want the job anymore.

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PWDs make me jealous

Sleek, sexy, identifiable Dexcom
(image credit: Bernard Farrell | Flickr)

In general, when we hear of PWDs we think it stands for People With Diabetes. But within that community is a privileged subset, whom I also refer to as PWDs. But in this case, the D doesn’t stand for diabetes. No, the PWDs I’m referring to are People With Dexcoms.  And I envy them.

That’s right, Dexcoms. The Continuous Glucose Monitor whose name mysteriously connotes a form of sugar known as dextrose, not glucose. The CGM which doesn’t talk to any insulin pump currently on the market. That Dexcom.
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