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I would walk 500 miles (and I would walk 500 more)

TeamJessieThis post started out as a reply to “Tell Me About Your JDRF Walk” on Arden’s Day, but (in my typical fashion) rambled on and on until it warranted a blog post of its own. And seeing as how I’ve been kind of light on material lately, why not find my blogging inspiration from another blogger? (who has an awesome first name, by the way!!)

To be honest, this year will only be my third walk. I didn’t do any diabetes walking, or any fundraising at all for that matter, in my first 29 years of diabetes. But in the 30th year, I learned that a neighbor in my new neighborhood had T1 and would be walking, so I joined her team. Part of it was about being neighborly. Part about it was curiosity. Part of it was looking for people to socialize and connect with. And yes, I figured it’s time I do something (other than hope) to help us achieve diabetes nirvana.

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The new job

First off, thanks to everyone who left comments last week wishing me congratulations and luck on my new job. Your good thoughts are truly touching and encouraging. Unfortunately, it’s left me with little time for DOC stuff this week; hopefully that trend doesn’t continue.

When I got to the office on Day One, one of the first things I did was put a jar of glucose tablets in my desk drawer. Mid-morning of Day 2, I (successfully) attempted to be subtle as I dipped into the stash.

In setting up my computer, I was prompted with a newfangled option to scan my fingerprints so I can log in without typing (or remembering) a password. I’m wondering how many times I can test my blood sugar on my right middle finger before it no longer scans and I need use it in a more emphatic manner.
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