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Paradise (Cold and Lonely)

Image (c) Epic Records

Image (c) Epic Records

For me, having a really high blood sugar usually means behaving cold and lonely. Insensitively shunning the people around me and just wanting to be left to myself to wallow in my craptastic day. I feel lousy and tired, and just want to sleep on it until I finally come down.

But — stop right there — on the way home from work today, a song came on the radio that reminded me of a different time. A time when I was younger, barely seventeen, and certainly not in as good control with my diabetes as I am now. My A1C back then was in the double digits — and I’m not talking about what comes after the decimal point.

You know how it is when you hear a song that brings you to an earlier time? Well this song brought be back over twenty years. But still, I remember every little thing, as if it happened only yesterday. Myself and three of my friends were sitting in my red 1984 Subaru driving back from Six Flags Great Adventure, and a Meat Loaf song came on the radio. My blood sugar was soaring, probably in the three- or maybe even four-hundreds.

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