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Wordless Wednesday: Why my hair keeps falling out

DATELINE-  Sunday August 26, 2012.

I swear this isn’t a re-post of this or this.  Different day, different pump.



This message would have been just as effective

I’ve been a bit remiss in my blogging responsibilities for the past few days. And those days have been pretty busy, diabetes-wise. Actually, I’ve been writing a bunch of blog entries in my head, but just haven’t found the time to sit at the keyboard and type them out. Now I’ve got to try to pull it out of my memory and make some sense of them.

But on the topic of sense, my diabetes hasn’t been making much sense lately. Ever since I opened up a new box of CGM sensors (after the “Expired!” incident), I’ve had the sinking feeling that my new box is full of duds. Considering that the manufacture of these sensors is by hand and not by machine, this comes to me as no surprise.

Quite a few of those sensors suffered from child-mortality, as they lost my trust and were discarded even before reaching three days (but no matter, I still had enough to get me through the expiration dates). They failed to track my BG closely, and it seemed that if I was outside of the 70 to 140 mg/dl range, all bets are off. And really, isn’t that the reason for CGM’s to begin with – to alert me when something’s wrong, not to give me a false sense that everything’s gonna be alright.

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There’s something about 2/29

It's been one of "those" days.

There must be something magical about February 29th. I didn’t do anything particularly extraordinary – I woke up at a normal time, had a normal breakfast, made myself some coffee, and took the strenuous fifteen-step walk from the kitchen to my home-office, where I parked my butt in the chair for the duration of the morning. My Keurig got more of a workout than I did.

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