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Your wish is granted

So there was this carnival in New Jersey. I made a wish on this machine. It was called a Zoltar Machine! It had this bobbing head that looked just like a devil and if you got a quarter in the devil’s mouth you could make a wish and I did!  So I made a wish to not have diabetes!

* * *

OK, so that’s not how it really happened.  But earlier this month, I did make a wish:  I wished that I would have a chance to meet some other people in the DOC.  While making that wish, I was also terrified that I would actually have to plan something, because, you know, I really stink at planning things.  I had resigned to the fact that this would just become another fleeting thought of mine that would go nowhere.

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Reunited, and it feels so good

My high school graduating class totaled 200 students, give or take.  Of the 200, three of us had Type 1 diabetes.  I had it the longest, since first grade, and the other two got it sometime around sixth.  It wasn’t something we talked about much – we all were in different social circles, and in those years (teenage years, late 80s/early 90s), diabetes wasn’t something that you wore on your sleeve – literally or figuratively.

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