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This section could grow to get really long.  Rather than sort by blog name, I’ve decided to sort by author’s first name (it’s really about the people, not the branding, right?).  I’m hoping this makes it a bit easier to find what you’re looking for, without penalizing those who started their blog names with Y or Z.

If you’d like your D-blog listed, please Contact Me!

And here… we… go!

— A B C —

Alanna’s Life on T1.  Alanna’s been living with T1D, in her own words, “for a long time.”

Alecia’s SurfaceFine.  Casual, friendly diabetes chit-chat.

Alexis’s I Run On Insulin. And she lives by the statement “Well controlled diabetes is the leading cause of nothing.”  So true.

Allison’s The Blood Sugar Whisperer. Aspiring to be a CDE, an author, and more….

Bennet’s Your Diabetes May Vary.  But there are some things to which only people with diabetes can say they “get it.”

Bethany’s Me With D.  Some of the posts are about D, some of the posts are about Me (Bethany), and some about Me with D.  (and her not-yet-born baby!)

Brian’s (Buzz, Buzz) Not my Cell.  Brian discusses pretty much whatever’s on his mind.

Briley’s inDpendence.  Diagnosed on the Fourth of July.

Cara’s Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute.  That just about sums it up.

Chris’s A Consequence of Hypoglycemia.   Chris seems to have found a way to have fun with diabetes.

Chris’s The Life of a Diabetic.  Personal blogs and interviews.

— D E F —

Danie’s Danie, Diabetes, and Dieting and Sugar Coated Danie.  Two for the price of one!

DiabetesMine.  Presented by Amy, Mike, Wil, and a host of guests, this is a must-have on your RSS feed or your frequently-visited site list.

Denise’s Type1TogetherWhen your neighborhood has no diabetes-related social or advocacy groups, start your own!

Elizabeth’s Diabetes 24-7. Such a breadth of stories and info here, it’s hard to believe it’s written by just one person.  Hats off to Elizabeth, who manages life, diabetes 24/7, and Diabetes 24-7, one blood sugar at a time.

Erin’s BE(ets) AWARE. Raising awareness, and brutally honest.

The Frizbian. While The Frizbian tells his story in a manner of which his family would approve, his non-PC pancreas interjects with some really funny, and brutally honest, stuff. It’s a blog like none I’ve ever seen before, and definitely worth checking out.

— G H I–

George’s Ninjabetic – The B.A.D. Blog.  Not bad, B.A.D.   As in “Born Again Diabetic”.

Girl Glycosolated. First the husband gets LADA, then the daughter gets T1.

Hannah’s Dorkabetic. Described as “Talking Glucose and Geekery since 2006″.  Maintaining a blog for that long takes dedication, and her material is as refreshing and humorously quirky as Day One.

Haidee Merritt.  Like a Page-a-Day calendar, she’s got snarky D-related cartoons that are sure to put a smile on your face… and the longer you’ve had it, the bigger your smile will be.

— J K L —

Jacquie’s Typical Type 1. A different perspective on the same ol’ diabetes.

Jen’s Blood Drops & Braille Dots.  Jen has diabetes and is also legally blind.  Through her very introspective blog, she discusses how she faces these challenges in life.

Jen’s Blood, Sweat, & Carbs.  Mom of three, one with D. How she does it amazes me.

Jenn’s Sweet Zoo. Is the “Zoo” a reference to a love of animals, or a dislike for diabetes? I’m not sure.

Jennifer’s Sugar-free SweetyHer diabetic adventures.

Jo’s FingerprickerDiagnosed at 30, she chooses to train diabetes to live with her, rather than the other way around.

Jess’s Me and D. Jess writes her “random thoughts and musings on life with Type 1″, and she’s about as honest as you can get. She’ll leave you thinking “me too…”

Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance Blog.  Nick and the rest of the JDCA are the watchdog for diabetes-related charitable organizations.  They want you to support a cure.

Karen’s Bitter~Sweet.  This blog seems to radiate happiness.  Maybe it’s the cheerful tone, or maybe the chocolate kisses.

Karen’s Blah Blah Bklyn.  You think Brooklynites ever hold back what they want to say?  Fuhgeddaboudit.

Katie’s Diabetic Advocate. The second of three children in her family with T1, and still learning and sharing.

Katie’s Princess of Pavement.  Katie was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of nine, and her stories and conquests are a real inspiration.

Katy’s Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes. Katy sometimes frustrated but funny too. Need sense of humor with diabetes child.

Kayla’s Life Notes.  Kayla is also one-half of the Type 1 Diabetes Memes page on Facebook.

Kelly’s Diabetesaliciousness.  Her own words: “My greatest weakness (my broken pancreas) has become my greatest strength – and for that I am grateful.”  She know how to “work it”.

Kelly’s Trials & Tribulations.  Kelly’s bio lists her tribulations.  But in her writing, she’s got a ton of energy and charisma.

Kerri’s Six Until Me. She says diabetes doesn’t define her, but helps explain her. And she explains a lot with her humor, enthusiasm, and writing talent.

Kim’s Texting my Pancreas. And when she’s not doing that (you’ll need to click through the link to see what it means), she’d drawing some of the funniest cartoons a PWD will ever see.

Laddie’s Test, Guess, and Go. With a little help from her friend Sue, and her other friend Sue.

Lee Ann’s The Butter Compartment.  Lee Ann is incredibly creative, in both her prose and her photos.  What she calls as “art therapy”, I call emotional and inspiring.

The Loop.  The official blog from the folks at Medtronic who pump my insulin.  (Well, the people aren’t the ones doing the pumping…)

— M N O —

Maria’s Climbing Diabetes.  It’s just one of the many mountains that Maria climbs.

Martin’s Diabetically Speaking.  Blogger, advocate, and all-around funny guy.

Matt’s Insulin Pumps Need Tetris. Well, it sure would fitting the pieces together a lot more fun!

Melody’s D Every Day. Beginning her third decade with diabetes.

Meri’s Our Diabetic Life.  When life throws a curveball at this Type-Awesome’s family, they just get more and more awesome.

Mike’s The Diabetic’s Corner Booth.  Coffee and conversation (and sometimes beer), poetry and prose, hosted by Mike Hoskins.

— P Q R S —

Rachel’s Probably Rachel.  Yup, I’m pretty sure it’s Rachel.

Rhonda’s FifteenWaitFifteenHow to treat a hypo? Yeah… that’s how we do it.

Sara’s Moments of Wonderful.  Diabetes does not stop Sara from appreciating the wonderful things in life.

Sarah’s La Osita’s Weblog. A casual look at diabetes … and then some.

Sarah’s About a southern girl with a passion for diabetes advocacy, telling her story in prose and in photos.

Scott’s Arden’s Day.  Scott will do anything for his beautiful T1 daughter.  How could he not?

Scott’s Diabetes.  One of the first people to blog about diabetes.  Ever.

Scott’s Strangely Diabetic. Scott (a different one), calls it like he sees it. Through the good, bad, and indifferent, Scott opens up his mind for all to read.

Scott’s Web Log.  Among other things, his T1D admits that he’s a dreamer. He’s not the only one.

(Chris) Scully’s Canadian D-GalNothing is off-limits when it comes to this blog, which is why I love reading it!

Shannon’s No More Shots for Shannon.  That’s a goal, not a reality.  But Shannon is tuned in to the reality of living with diabetes, and shares it here.

Stacey’s The Girl with the Portable Pancreas.  Another thirty-year veteran of The Big D.

Stephen’s  Trying to find the balance between the highs and lows.

— T U V —

— W X Y Z —

Wil’s Life After Dx.  Talking about diabetes in detail, in all it’s beautiful, gut-wrenching glory — uncensored.


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