#DBlogWeek ’15 – Day 5 – DayOfFoodabetes

I woke up this morning to the sound of a chirping smoke detector. It took about 20 minutes to figure out just WHICH smoke detector was causing such a racket (it wasn’t the first one I took down).  Needless to say, between that and coaching the kid’s soccer practice this evening, there’s not much time to write. Thankfully, today’s DBlogWeek prompt – ALL ABOUT FOOD – allows me to deal with today’s post entirely in photos, which is much easier.

My BG really seemed to cooperate today. This is far from typical (maybe karma is rewarding me for coming clean a couple of days ago?)



6:47 AM

06-47 ambkfst

8:05 AM

08-05am coffee

11:03 AM

11-03am glucose tabs

12:08 PM

12-08 lunch

1:02 PM

01-02pm coffee

3:28 PM

03-28pm glucose


5:28 PM

05-28pm dinner

(and a little extra at 5:51 PM, because of hypoglycemic concerns at soccer practice)

05-51pm snack

6:50 PM

06-50pm glucose

Day in Review

(I guess those two 6:50 glucose tabs PLUS the 1:30 zero-basal-rate backfired)

Day in Review


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  1. I’d like to meet up wherever that was you were at 12:08. YUM.

    Each one of your handfuls of glucose broke my mommy heart. But you’re a grown-ass man!

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    • Really? And I thought nothing of them…. it was only 2 tabs (8 carbs) each time; more precautionary than anything else. Not a serious low being treated, and not a tremendous amount of IOB to worry about. (Except for that last one, which – along with extra dinner and a decreased basal – totally backfired on me)

      My lunch came from downstairs at my office in Parsippany NJ. It’s open to the public .. stop in any time!


  2. Looks like a pretty good day for the most part. I rarely make it through a day without a couple of glucose tabs here and there to bump the BG up from the bottom bumper. I use a lot of temp basals, especially at night, and they often haunt me a couple hours later. That’s just life with Type 1.


    • Great visual of the “bumper”, and glad to hear of your similar approach (always nice to read a “me too” out there). Who says glucose tabs have to come in fours?


  3. No words needed in that post. It does such a good job conveying what a balancing act it is between food and diabetes to keep blood sugars in line!


  4. With all these pictures of glucose tabs, I need to go grab a couple to snack on (yes, I occasionally do this because they’re like CANDY to me…). But nice job on the food photos, and always nice to see a fellow Diet Coke lover showing the love! Great post, Scott.


  5. It was really interesting seeing your day in pictures – and definitely a great BS day, even with the odd gluc tab. I was feeling a bit of graph envy, especially with that awesome sandwich you got in as well! 😛 Thanks for sharing


  6. The hand with glucose tablets made me laugh by the third one. I’m sorry, it just looks hilarious with all the glucose dust. It made me feel like, “WELL, here we are again, and again.. oh and again”
    I loved this post so much! all about the pictures 😉
    You have wonderful BG control


  7. Love seeing your day in pictures – you’re very brave to share your BGLs! Well done on your day of good numbers. I second that your lunch looks delicious!


  8. Love seeing the CGM with the food! Your numbers look amazing, although too many glucose tablets for my taste 😛


  9. Great idea to post photos of food and CGM! My day was similarly surprising BGs, though fewer lows than usual for me…


  10. Gimme dat sandwich



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