How I’m feeling

Over the past few weeks, diabetes has been putting some unusual thoughts in my mind. I have been…

– – –

…feeling justified, when the kinked sensor wire confirmed that I made the right choice in yanking it:


 …feeling victorious, when a quick response to a CGM’s “Predicted Low” alert prevented off a subsequent “Low”.

…feeling curious about the story of the person who left the pizza box labeled “Gluten Free” in the office fridge for a week:


…feeling wasteful, after burning 25 glucose tablets over one weekend while attempting to assemble a backyard ice-skating rink:


…feeling addicted, when replacing a CGM sensor in a public restroom was more enticing than going without one.

…feeling photogenic, when my blood glucose result was suitable for commercials:


…feeling motivated to get my A1C down to the next lower whole-number after a friend boasted a similar accomplishment

…feeling appreciated, when given the opportunity to guest-post on the Loop Blog

…feeling empowered, because a fortune cookie with 21st Century diabetes-sense told  me so


…feeling forgetful when an unexpected sensor glucose of 49 to reminds me that I had Threshold Suspend turned off:


…feeling confident enough to publicly display the battle scars from a disobedient infusion site:


…feeling joy at finally mastering a 65-carb, 8.1 unit dual-wave lunchtime bolus … even if just once. ever:


…feeling negligent over my attention towards this blog and this community:


…feeling burned-out, not over diabetes, but over social media in general. But if that means I spend more face-time (not FaceTime®) with my family, I suppose that’s a good thing.


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  1. I love this post. Also – a backyard ice-skating rink? I’ve never heard of such fabulousness!


    • Thanks Renza! Some of my neighbors have tried it (though its more common in some more northern US states and Canada), and it’s supposed to be a cold winter. Once the cold temps settle in for good, I hope to get the liner and ice in place. I’ll post pictures… stay tuned!


  2. I guess if you’re guest blogging for Medtronic now that you must have finally gotten your insurance to cover the 530G.

    Love the hockey rink. Living in Minnesota there are contests every year for the best home rinks and some even have boards and lights. Toby Peterson grew up in my neighborhood and is the age of my oldest son. Gifted hockey player, nice kid, and Type 1. Thanks for the link to the video. Toby’s sister played with my youngest son and competed with the boys until switching to girls hockey in high school.

    Sounds like you are doing well, Scott:-)


    • Well, not exactly. The guest-blogging is part of a deal that allows me to continue using my loaner pump until the insurance issue gets resolved (which reminds me – I need to update my disclosure page).

      I’m a big fan of Toby Peterson. I don’t remember offhand where I posted that video link (in case someone’s looking for it), but that CBC interview taught me so much. Not just THAT I could wear a pump and play, but HOW and WHERE to wear it. (Though if I’m using a pump that’s technically not mine, as I mentioned above, it requires a bit more discretion). I don’t know if your son still keeps contact with his family, but if so, please pass along my gratitude.


  3. Oh so many feelings – and I loved reading them all!! 🙂


  4. Great post and beyond jealous that guest blogging comes with a pump (but they are truly the lucky ones to have you).


    • Yet, the irony is that I’m still fighting to get the pump free and clear — at my own expense and with no strings attached. (also, the pump I get to use doesn’t close the loop — like the pump someone else I know got to try)



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