The spaceships have landed


Alternate title #1: Photos are the lazy blogger’s best friend
Alternate title #2: Out with the Medtronic, in with the Minimed

In all honesty, though , I really do like the new packaging.

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  1. I love spaceships! I have used Insets from day 1. Do yours REALLY come in a multi-colour pack? I am a bit jealous as mine are one colour per box.


    • No they don’t — they just use the same box for all of them. A label on the side tells you what color is inside. (though the three colors together does look kinda cool)


  2. Those always make me laugh… they are so spaceship like! But seriously, I’m quite intrigued by the MedT to MM change — wonder if there’s anything behind that, like “people trusted us more as MM…” Hey, whatever. Agreed: packaging looks slick. And kinda makes me want to try the Mio out. Thanks for the fun!


    • As I understand, that’s exactly why they changed. People respond more fondly to the Minimed name than the Medtronic name. For what it’s worth, it still says Medtronic on the side of the box, as well as on the big cardboard box everything gets shipped in.


  3. With Medtronic trying to move it’s headquarters to Ireland to avoid US taxes, they’re probably trying to change the name associated with all of their products. And yes, I do think people remember Minimed fondly.



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