Leg man

The last time I took insulin in my leg was in June of 2006. It was with my very last Novolog FlexPen.

Until now.


I’m hoping this experiment turns out well, because real-estate on my body is about as valuable – if not more – than land in Manhattan.  And this could open up more options for my CGM sensor, which seems to have a low tolerance for scar tissue.

That, and I can hide it beneath swim trunks. Summers are always hard for me when it comes to site selection.

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  1. Nicely done, Scott! I’ve always been very nervous about leg sites, even when I put them in. Feels like I’m walking on egg shells, and that I need to be overly-cautious to not sit or stand too quickly — especially when getting in or out of my car. I also am only able to keep in for a couple days, compared to “more than that” with other sites. Still, when it’s tough to find other real estate, they’re a good option I turn to. So, good luck on your end!!


  2. Wonderful that you are trying new spots and finding what works. It takes a lot of courage to go for it and just wait and see. Make sure to let us know how it goes!


  3. Well, the experiment is over. I accidentally yanked it out this morning, and the two replacement sites hurt so much that they lasted only 10 seconds. I hit muscle, I guess (there’s not much muscle on my legs, but not much fat either, and what seems like a good site when I’m sitting down is not so nice when standing up. Back to the drawing board…


  4. Leg sites don’t work for me. It’s a clear shot to the 400s within a few hours of insertion. Too much scar tissue build up. I wish other sites would work – my ever growing abdomen has left me with very few options. 😦


  5. Leg sites work for me – sometimes too well… But – I kept knocking them off on a desk or table so for now, I’ve given up.


  6. I go to my leg every now and then, just to give my other areas a break … but they never last as long – they always start hurting within the first 48 hours. And I get bleeders more often there than in other places… But the upside is I haven’t built up scar tissue there like I have in my stomach and backside. So I’ll still use them every and now and then. 🙂


  7. Does it hurt from all that hair? Gives the female population one advantage I guess! 🙂


  8. I’ve never been able to get a leg site to work for my pump but I can’t remember a time when I put my CGM anywhere else.


  9. I’ve been using legs sites lately and for the most part they’ve been successful. But I think I have a lot more padding than you do!!



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