Breaking up is (not so) hard to do

Our relationship is over.

For thirty-three years, the only pieces of medical ID I owned was from Medic Alert. There were many.

They served me well (except for the few years that I refused to wear it, but that’s on me and not them), but I’ve become frustrated with them.  The split-links would separate, the clasps would break, and the bracelet would slide off my wrist –  at any moment, without warning. I’d spend too much time on my hands and knees looking for that tiny missing link, or pay a jeweler some astronomical amount of money to get a replacement.

Those split links (the tiny ones that clip to the medallion with the gap to allow for re-sizing, were too flexible and would always move or get caught on things. My sleeves and pockets have many a pulled thread because of that separated gap.

(When the split-link gets caught on a thread inside of the pocket and I try to manipulate my hand to break free – still hand-in-pocket – it can look like I’m engaged in something indecent. It’s embarrassing.)

So I went ahead and ordered a Stealth bracelet from Lauren’s Hope.

So far, I like it.  It’s a little awkward in that the engraved medallion doesn’t twist over and the bracelet has to be removed for it to be read -the clasp is in the back, towards the center, (and I may not have ordered it if I’d known about this), but it’s been on my wrist for a week so far, and not having jagged edges to get caught on things is a definite plus.


bracelet bottom  bracelet front

* * *

I know Lauren’s Hope gets a lot of publicity through blog posts and giveaways.  This isn’t among them. Nobody asked if I was interested in an LH bracelet, I simply ordered it with my very own Visa card, using a promotion that was in effect over Memorial Day weekend .

If you’re interested in a Lauren’s Hope bracelet (there are lots of styles to chose from!), I don’t have promtional codes, giveaways, or anything else to offer.  But if you look around the ‘net, you’re bound to find one. Or wait until 4th of July Weekend – I’m sure there will be some sort of promotion then.


Out with the old…

bracelet engraved

…in with the new.

After 33 years … the end of an era.

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  1. That thing is sleek! And looks like it will last forever.


  2. Schweet! Very nice. I’ve always had the MedicAlert necklace, but that stealth bracelet looks kinda cool.


  3. I also have recently gotten things from LH. I got a band bracelet with med info on the back which I just love. Very different than most med bracelets. I also ordered a med tag which I can make different bands for myself. This is great for me as they have one in yellow (fake) gold, which is hard to find. Both of these are very nice and I’m really happy with them. I also didn’t get anything for ordering from them but used a Valentine’s promotion to get a discount.


  4. I’ve worn a Lauren’s Hope beaded bracelet for years. I like that I can buy new bracelets that use the same medical ID tag. I often get compliments on my bracelet without people even knowing that it is a medical ID. Of course I hope paramedics would notice that it is:-)


  5. That’s a NICE looking medical ID!!


  6. My husband gave me a dog tag with my medical information and emergency contact (my hubby). I clipped it to my bag. Then, I lost the tag and I’ve not replaced it since. I gotta check out Lauren’s Hope.


    • I struggled to figure out what to engrave on there – there’s much less space than on the Medic Alert (my choice of bracelets, anyway). In the end, I figured my doctor’s name/number would be more helpful than my wife’s, seeing as how he has all the medical info/expertise that I need … and he’s more likely to answer the phone if an unrecognized number is calling.


      • That’s a thought. I haven’t thought about that. We were more concerned that (a) someone let’s my husband know if I’m in trouble, and (b) it may not be a good idea to undergo certain x-rays since I’m taking metformin. I’m planning my next dog tag or bracelet – thanks for reminding me that I need to make it as helpful to me as possible.


  7. I found so many on Etsy that I bought two. But, one of them is so pretty that no one can notice the “Diabetic” engraved on the copper. I prefer yours 🙂


    • That one’s nice, but not masculine enough for me 🙂 …. also, I prefer a little more info on mine than just “diabetic”. But options are good!



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