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#DBlogWeek ’14 – Day 6 – Sharply dressed (video)

Here’s 30 days worth of sharps logged and catpured on film in under 3 minutes…a video collection I began last August.  Enjoy!

(Yes, I used two meters – during this month, because I momentarily lost one, an only changed the lancet once in each).

Today’s topic: Back for another year, let’s show everyone what life with diabetes looks like!  With a nod to the Diabetes 365 project, let’s grab our cameras again and share some more d-related pictures.  Post as many or as few as you’d like.  Feel free to blog your thoughts on or explanations of your pictures, or leave out the written words and let the pictures speak for themselves.


#DBlogWeek ’14 – Day 3 – The mental toll of dBlogging

Diabetes really doesn’t affect me emotionally all that much – I’m just lucky that way. Sure, it does harbor occasional rousings of resentment, elements of embarrassment, and feelings of frustration (it may also be responsible for my overall timidness and reluctance to take chances in life – a connection I just realized this past weekend), but none of that qualifies me to really discuss the power of emotions that a faulty pancreas can deliver, and I don’t want to seem to trivialize the issue – which is a very real one. So I won’t even try.

But that’s not to say there isn’t stress in putting myself out in public, on the internet, for the world to see (or read). 

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#DBlogWeek ’14 – Day 2 – Under the spleen


Are you ready, kids?

(Aye, aye, captain!!)


Who lives in a pancreas under the spleen?


It’s lazy and useless and spiteful and mean!


If blood sugar nonsense is something you wish


You’ve got diabetes and drink like a fish!



Dye-a-beet-ees, high-low Bee-Gees,

Carb-hy-dreet-ees Dye-a…. beet-ees!

* * *

(Remember – I have a first-grade son at home with a favorite TV show.  Also, have you ever tried to find a word that rhymes with diabetes?)

Today’s topic: This year, Diabetes Blog Week and TuDiabetes are teaming up to bring out the poet in you! Write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes. After you’ve posted it on your blog, share it on the No Sugar Added® Poetry page on TuDiabetes, and read what others have shared there as well!

#DBlogWeek ’14 – Day 1 – Bueller?

OK, listen up.  This is really important to me, and I see the potential for it to become a big problem in the future. We’ve got to stop it now!

Here’s the thing: we’re talking all about diabetes advocacy and passions and stuff like that, and this passion can really suck us in. We think it’s the most important thing in the world, because it can mean the difference between living and not living.

The problem is, we get so caught up in figuring out how to live better, that we sometimes forget to live!

So here’s the message that I’m advocating today.

Diabetes should not rank any higher than your #2 priority.

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