Daily Archives: February 19, 2014

Short & sweet

Life’s been hectic and blogging time’s been scarce, but I’ve got a few moments to share this quick anecdote:

On Monday night, I had pizza for dinner before lacing up the skates to help out at my son’s hockey practice.  The pizza means I had an extended (dual-wave) bolus in action; the skating means I had a reduced temporary basal in effect. I felt kinda foolish, taking such measures which essentially cancelled one another out.  But you know what?

It worked.

(Maybe the message would be more dramatic if I had a photo).

* * *

Meanwhile, please go read Sue from Pennsylvania’s post at Test, Guess, and Go.  You may not think Medicare rules may apply to you, but someday they will. And as more and more private insurers follow a “standard” (i.e. Medicare), this could get worse before it gets better… unless we make ourselves heard! [UPDATE: link to Sue’s post corrected!]