This side up

I made a couple of interesting observations this afternoon about how I position my diabetes supplies.  Can you tell what do these three images have in common?


Pump clip


The urine ketone strip — not pictured (your welcome) — also gets used upside-down.


Perhaps it’s why I find this image, tweeted during last month’s Diabetes Advocates Forum, so alluring and appropriate.


Pictured left-to-right: me, Scott Strumello, Scott Strange, Scott K. Johnson



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  1. Still a great photo though. By the way, Medtronic announced (last year I think) guidelines that say don’t remove the reservoir from the vial of insulin in the upside-down position. Something about possibly causing errors in insulin delivery. Which made me think, Why? How? Doesn’t everyone turn it upside down? It’s just… gravity.


    • Yes, I remember that one (I wrote about it here if anyone’s wondering). Apparently when remove the reservoir from the blue collar, some insulin could drip onto the TOP of the reservoir. That moisture could get in the way of the tubing forming a proper connection when that gets attached, and therein lies the problem. I could elaborate all scientific-ly if you’d like. But it’s always good to have a refresher, so thanks for bringing it up!


  2. It’s so much easier to use more D-gear “upside down”! I regularly test with my PDM upside down and when I wear my Dexcom, it’s upside down, way easier to read and use that way!


  3. I’m a D-dad and we use all the same equipment, so I was thinking, “That looks completely normal. What am I missing?” We read it upside down so our son can have the “better view.”


  4. Honestly, it wasn’t until the picture of “the guys” that I realized what you meant. 🙂



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