You say… I wish I could shed a few pounds.
I say… I wish I could put on a few pounds.

You say… Yay! My A1c is X.Y!
I say… Ugh. My A1c is X.Y.

You say… Oh crap, my A1c is X.Y.
I say… Woo hoo! My A1c is X.Y!

You say… I wish I didn’t need to take so much insulin.
I say… I wish I wasn’t so hypersensitive to tiny air-bubbles in my insulin.

You say…I wish my CGM would stop waking me up at night.
I say…I wish my CGM was able to wake me up at night.

You say…die-a-BEET-us.
I say…dia-a-BEE-dees.

You say…low-carb.
I say…all-the-carbs.

You say…juice box.
I say…glucose tabs.

You say… purple! blue! pink!
I say… any color as long as it’s black.

You say…Cleo.
I say…Mio.

You say…BS.
I say…BG.

You say…blood glucose.
I say…blood sugar.

You say…the SofSensor in the arm is scarier than in the stomach.
I say…NOTHING is more terrifying than a SofSensor in the stomach (arm sites are easy).

You say…I am not alone.
I say… you are not alone.

You say…we’re in this together.
I say…we’re in this together.

You say…I Can Do This.
I say…. damn right!

Posted on January 29, 2014, in Diabetes. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. this is wicked-good!


  2. Damn right! This is a fabuoous post! Bravo!


  3. This is so good, Scott! The whole thing is fun to read and what a good point about BG-saying people saying Blood Sugar and inside-out-vice-versa for the BS people. Things that make you go hmmm


  4. You say… something unique and interesting
    I say… the exact same thing every other commenter has already said:
    Excellent post!


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