Video: Testing with a two-year-old

My two-year-old son just loves my blood glucose meter.  When he sees it lying around (which is, by the way, always), he picks it up and hands it to me — with the request “Me want to see the numbers!”

So when I grab my meter to test , his eyes light up and he insists on being part of the action. I apply the blood, and he tells me the number. (Then I verify it to make sure he’s correct. He is – after all – two, and is prone to making mistakes).

It goes a little something like this: (doing it with a camera in my hand makes it a bit trickier)…

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  1. Aw. That’s sweet. He’s adorable by the way. I love letting my daughter get involved in my diabetes. Explaining this and that to her. They’re just so interested.


  2. Nice! Sounds like he is a numbers-whiz already 🙂 My daughter has started being very curious about my diabetes-stuff, and so far the hardest thing to explain to her is why *I* can have a juice box at times when *she* can’t. Someday, she’ll hopefully understand!


    • The kid is obsessed with numbers. Right now he’s watching the ticker at the bottom of MSG (our regional TV sports network) reciting the numbers as yesterday’s scores scroll by.


      • And my little girl is obsessed with letters, wants me to spell everything for her, she recites letters on the sides of buildings and stores, etc. Funny, how their (potential) scholastic preferences show up so soon??


  3. We all need a 2-year old doing the countdown to make BG testing more fun!


  4. Oh my gosh, that is adorable!! I agree with Laddie, if we all had a 2-year old to help us I bet we’d test a lot more. I know I would.


  5. My little one is fascinated by any thing off limits making my D-supplies extremely interesting. Fortunately at 15 months her little fingers can’t mess with my pump too much. I keep telling her (and myself) that she doesn’t want any of this stuff or what comes with it.


  6. CUTE! Mine holds his finger out and says “MINE!” Sometimes I take the opportunity and check, but most of the time I just act like we did. Biggest thing is, no matter the number he or I get, we always say “yay!” when it comes up. I’ll explain the good and bad ones later.


    • I’ve checked his a few times when I’d been worried… surprisingly he doesn’t seem to mind. But he’s obsessive with the numbers… I often scroll back in the CGM history so he can read off every number for the last 6 hours (it’s a reason I can’t go to the Dex)



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