There are people

The more time I spend with this community, the more I come to realize something: we are not the same. We are not just one collective voice preaching a scripted message to our local communities and to each other. In other words, we are not interchangeable parts in the world of support or (dare I say it) advocacy.

All of us play a role that no one else can play. With individual stories to tell, individual strengths, and individual influences upon others.

Just from my own perspective (in no particular order, and by no means complete)…

There are people
who validate me.
Like Kerri, whose every anecdote, every little nuance, leaves me thinking “me too.”

There are people
who welcome me.
Like Scott, with open arms, a pure heart and an inviting demeanor. (in spite of a so-called mean streak).

There are people
who remind me.
Like Brea, of just how much diabetes can mess with an already difficult time in a person’s life. I’ve been there, and I so wish I could make it easier.

There are people
who represent me.
Like Kelly, with her Jersey assertiveness, and her (yes, it’s really a thing) Jersey sensitivity.

There are people
who challenge me.
Like Christel, who push me to discover my abilities and, and then aspire me to always reach them.

There are people
who offer perspective.
Like Tom, who help me see it in the way Mom and Dad see must it, but never seem to speak it.

Thee are people
who simplify me.
Like Tim, who’s inspired me to come up with a short list of requirements for happiness: Great family and friends, good diabetes control, above-average beer, and mediocre hockey.

There are people
who teach me to love.
Like Meri, because no one can love harder or love stronger than she can. Not that I’ve met, anyway.

There are people
who de-stress me.
Like Sarah, who shows me that no decision is forever, and I can always change my mind.

There are people
who balance me.
Like Katy, with her perfect mix of humor, insight, emotion, analysis, and sasquatch.

There are people
who empower me.
Like Bennet, who shows me how to make a difference, and offers the tools to do so.

There are people
who encourage me.
Like Kim, whose collection of You Can Do This submissions inspire me to do just that (I mean this)

There are people
who check in on me.
Like C, whose concern is heartwarming and reassuring.

There are people
who embolden me.
Like Richard, who embodies the person I aspire to become.

There are people
who ground me.
Like Chris, whose user-submitted photos and confessions reminds me that it’s not all wine and roses, and that we mustn’t be ashamed to speak the truth.

There are people
who uninhibit me.
Like Karen, who’s on the path to turning full-frontal-tubing into a fashion statement.

There are people
who make me smile.
Like Jess, because her smile is simply enchanting. And contagious.

There are so many people
that I haven’t named here, but value so very much.
Without these people, there would be no community.
Without this community, we would be lost.
So thank you. All of you.

* * *

If you haven’t “met” all the people I mentioned above, I encourage you to click on the links and say hello!

Posted on January 24, 2014, in Diabetes, DOC. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Heart emoticon!

    I can’t wait to get home and follow all of the links.


  2. Aw, man, Scott. I think you made @MeanScott shed a tear…

    Seriously though, thank you. You bring a lot to this chorus of chaos, and we’re a better place because of it.


  3. And there are people like you, who are fantastical!



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