Decisions, decisions


This process makes it easy, but I really wish I could find some more choices…

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  1. I have used from my belly button right up under my breasts and all around my back. Basically anywhere on my torso that I can reach, gets a site at some point. I would definitely encourage you to keep trying the your thighs and hips. You can do it!!


  2. Well, we are twinsies! My CGM and my set are in the same exact spots. I’ll call you in a few days to let you know where I’ll be putting them next.
    Seriously though, I have some of the same issues. I just don’t have enough usable real estate. My scar tissue is abdominal, a site on my leg that didn’t go well has me freaked about using leg sites, and I can’t reach my back. Sigh. I hear you. (And great visual!)


  3. Site changes are probably the only times in my life that I have wished I wish bigger so I had more real estate available for them. Apparently I’m the triplet of the group because my CGM and set are also in the same spots right now 🙂


  4. Nifty graphic. I very much prefer the leg sites, but I move mine around to almost all of the areas you noted here. My tubing isn’t uber long, so I have to insert it near the top of my thigh. This is a complete guess, but I try to avoid the absolute middle of the thigh, but still remain near the middle.


  5. I’m too chicken to put my CGM on my arm – I’m totally an upper thigh girl for that one. I used only my stomach for infusion set sites for years and years, gave it up for 3 years since being pregnant, used upper butt and hip sites, and have now migrated back to stomach sites. Ah, but I feel another rotation coming on! Great graphic 🙂


  6. I read on one of the popular ladies’ blogs about infusing into a breast. Also at D-camp one of the (male) D-celebrities who gave an inspirational chat said he infused into his pectoral region. Is this very rare? Like infusing into your face?


    • It was this one, wasn’t it? (And since I remembered the post but had to turn to Google to find it, I’m afraid at the targeted ads I might get over the next few weeks).

      Yes, I would say men infusing into the pecs would be rare. For men who are more in shape, hitting a muscle would be painful. For me, I’d worry about striking a rib.


  7. ^^ LOL.

    Anyway – my legs won’t infuse. I’m in the 400s within two hours. I started placing my CGM there, but I think it interferes with a muscle in my thigh and it’s really painful.

    My arms are too damn skinny to put anything there. So I have no idea what I’ll do when my abs and back no longer do the trick.


    • At least you lasted a few hours. I ripped mine out after about 5 minutes! I’ve tried CGMs on the legs before (at a suggestion of a TuDiabetes member) — that one being the Medtronic SofHarpoon, and I could feel it with every step. It’s part of the reason I don’t go back.

      There was a blog post last November – I can’t find it – where someone had just tried an infusion site in her leg (it was a Silhouette/Comfort) which inspired me to try it. But for me, it didn’t work.

      If I come up with new ideas for sites, I’ll let you know.


  8. I can totally empathize with the “Tried it once.” and massive amounts of blood sites! I tried to use more of my “belly” and placed a pod 2 inches higher on my stomach that usual and it was possibly one of the worse experiences of my life… there was so much blood! I have a grand total of two, 1-square-inch spots of on my stomach that I can use.

    I won’t use my butt (seems elementary to type “butt” on the internet…) for pods because i have a desk job, but it’s been the best place for my Dexcom sensors!



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